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A brief Summary

IoT (Internet of Things) is a very exciting concept, that has sparked a new era of business knowledge and operation control.
Besides all the excitement about your potential results and the amount of investments in the coming years, there are many challenges yet to be accomplished.
ROBBIoT is a Team of Experts in different areas united to help you face the IoT challengeS in your company.
We design specific solutions for challenging scenarios based on understanding your business.We utilize best practices and a global knowledge base to accomplish this. We believe that a Champion Solution’s foundation is based on:

  • Understanding the customers needs (Business Analysis)
  • Developing a great IoT Solution Team (IT)
  • Using the newest and best technology to integrate a solution and transform the raw data for your Business Intelligence (Communication)

If we can collect relevant data, we can transform your Business.

What we do


Safe Operation

ROBBIoT will develop a cutting-edge solution to ensure your fleet operates in challenging environments such as fog and rain with real-time safety integration of your equipment.

Safe Operation

Platform operations present safety challenges that can result in loss of life, destruction of company property and affect company reputation and brand. OSS (Patented) Solution can promote a safer operation with its Business and Security Intelligence application.

Safe Operation

IIoT Solutions can help you establish a safer environment in your operation therefore protecting the human and meterial resources.

Fleet Cost Control

ROBBIoT MOS Solution uses the best in IoT technology to help you control the fleet’s operational costs. This is integrated into SAP BI allowing you to access key information regarding your fleet’s efficiency.

Cost Control

This Business Intelligence utilized over the entire operation provides statistics that can provide controls over maintenance and material acquisition costs.

Production Improvement

IIoT will improve your production process creating a quality assurance system that will measure, inform and control specific trigger situations.

Risk Prediction

ROBBIoT MOS Solution provides detailed statistical information which identifies high risk conditions to operators and dispatchers on the status of machines, shifts and seasonal environmental conditions.

Risk Prediction

OSS (Patented) Solution is capable of capturing and securing operational data and producing important risk reports that can predict potential accidents and prevent potential loss of life.

Real Time Control

IIoT can provide real time control of your production line process using specific sensors.

Production Analysis

Business Intelligence applied to your production activity will allow you to plan for a detailed performance history. Allows for educated decisions based on facts collected from all relevant aspects of the Mining Operation.

Personnel Active Sensing (PAS)

OSS (Patented) uses active security helmets to gather information with special sensing protocols for platform security and for evacuation purposes.

Business Intelligence

IIoT data collected will be used to create key reports that can guide the key decision makers in the day-by-day challenges of real business.


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